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Baby Dentistry


It’s important to take your newborn to an infant dentist as soon as the first tooth arrives. At Happy Smiles in Kansas City, KS, we’re happy to help you start your child on the path of healthy teeth and gums. When you bring your little one in for an appointment, we’ll discuss what to expect during the visit and go over any questions or concerns. We’ll also recommend the right course of action for the upcoming treatments.


We have a variety of office features to keep your baby entertained during the dentist visit. Our entire staff is fully trained to work with infants and young children and help them overcome any apprehension. Our objective is to build their confidence in us while we provide the dental care needed to build strong, healthy smiles.

Schedule your kid’s first dental examination at Happy Smiles in Kansas City. Our infant dentists are available for an initial consultation. We look forward to accommodating you during your visit.