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The Evolution of Braces

Did you know that braces have been around for decades? Even people in ancient times wanted to improve the function and look of their teeth. Oh boy, have braces come a long way from when they were first invented. From the bulky wrap-around brace of the 50’s to the slim, invisible design of the 2000’s. […]

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A Few Things You May Want to Know About Braces

A Few Things You May Want to Know About Braces We all want a great smile complete with sparkling white teeth all perfectly aligned in a row. Braces can help achieve this image, but ask anyone who wore dental braces as a teenager about the experience and many will shudder from the memory. If you […]

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Guidelines for Proper Dental Care

A good dentist is one that is committed to proper dental care as far as the dental needs of your entire family are concerned. First, ensure you’re dealing with qualified dental care givers who diligently work to ensure the best dental care experience for both you as well as your child. You should expert your […]

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Got Questions About Braces in Kansas City?

When your child, loved one, or even you might need braces, you may have a number of questions. Understanding braces doesn’t need to send you into a tailspin.Happy Smiles offers free consultations to answer all of your questions. Here are a few things you may want to know before your consultation. Aesthetics Are Important ? […]