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What To Expect

Knowing what to expect when you first visit the dentist can ease some of your fears and help you prepare for the unexpected. Routine cleanings and x-rays every six months are important for maintaining your oral health and can help prevent major dental problems now and in the future.
Kids should begin visiting the dentist when their first tooth erupts or when they turn 6 months old, whichever is first, to ensure healthy development of their teeth and gums. The first appointment is an opportunity for your child to experience some of what will be expected in future dental visits. Until children are around 3 years old, the dental visit will consist of the doctor looking in the patient’s mouth and then wiping off the teeth with some gauze, followed by an application of fluoride varnish to help keep the teeth strong. This is not a standard cleaning, as most children cannot handle the stresses of a full cleaning. Most of the time, we will have the parents help hold the child in their lap and allow the doctor to see in their mouth. We refer to this as a lap exam. Lap exams will likely continue for the next few dental appointments, depending on the level of cooperation.
Regular checkups should be done every six months. During routine visits, we will clean and remove plaque from the teeth, identify potential problems, and offer education on proper oral care for optimum oral health.

Is Your Child Ready for Their First Visit?

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Dental Restorations

Our office provides dental fillings, pulp therapy, and other dental restoration procedures. Dental fillings treat cavities, and are available as a tooth-colored composite resin. Composite resin fillings are durable and more cosmetically appealing than traditional amalgam fillings. Pulp therapy is used on primary teeth so the teeth can remain in place until permanent teeth arrive.

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Fluoride & Hygiene Instruction

While going to the dentist regularly can prevent most major problems, proper oral hygiene begins at home. Our staff will provide instruction on the proper techniques for brushing and flossing to reduce plaque and the bacteria that can cause cavities. We may also recommend additional tips for better oral hygiene.

Some Reviews From Our Happy Clients

Great place to take kids, my son was in and out within 45mins and great results. Great customer service. I Highly recommend . Went in with a frown came out with a "Happy smile".

Jose P.

This is a great place! They did an amazing job with my sons braces.

Jackie A.

My daughter LOVES coming to Happy Smiles!! The girls in the office here are amazing and very helpful. I would highly recommend bringing your kiddos here.

SeAnna C.

Amazing place to bring your kids. They are nice and patient. You can feel how much they care about their patients and want to make it the best experience possible. Definitely recommend it!

Jasmin G.

We've been coming here since 2015. My daughter has braces so we come once a month. I love it here! It's super clean. Great hours. Great staff! They even have TV's on the ceiling to help distract the kids!

Bobbi M.

I love happy smiles here my daughter's first good experience with a dentist in over 11 years was here so I started bringing my 2 boys and they love it here.

Shanna S.

They are amazing, everyone is so patient and always friendly, I’m definitely recommended !!

Angela V.

Great people! Always gentle! Great monthly prices and great movies to watch while cleaning teeth or getting braces on! Kid friendly!!! Awesome service!!!

Chelsea D