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Sedation in Dentistry

Children are often terrified when it?s time to go for their next dental checkup. It?s very important for a child to become familiar with the dental clinic early. Most children who fear dental treatments are the ones who are rarely taken for regular checkups. When a child gets used to the normal cleaning and a […]

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The Evolution of Braces

Did you know that braces have been around for decades? Even people in ancient times wanted to improve the function and look of their teeth. Oh boy, have braces come a long way from when they were first invented. From the bulky wrap-around brace of the 50?s to the slim, invisible design of the 2000?s. […]

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The ?Why? Behind Adult Dental Care

Have you ever wondered why the American Dental Association recommends a visit to the dentist at least every 6 months? Well, there?s a reason why your kids learn in school, on television, and in shopping malls that regular dental visits are critical for your health. Regular dental checkups are essential for the maintenance of healthy […]

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A Few Things You May Want to Know About Braces

A Few Things You May Want to Know About Braces We all want a great smile complete with sparkling white teeth all perfectly aligned in a row. Braces can help achieve this image, but ask anyone who wore dental braces as a teenager about the experience and many will shudder from the memory. If you […]

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The Truth About Baby Teeth

Why should we treat our child?s baby teeth with extra care if they are going to fall out anyway? Primary teeth, also known as baby teeth, play very important role in a child?s oral health. The Purpose of Primary Teeth They maintain healthy nutrition by allowing your child to properly chew. They are essential for […]

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Guidelines for Proper Dental Care

A good dentist is one that is committed to proper dental care as far as the dental needs of your entire family are concerned. First, ensure you?re dealing with qualified dental care givers who diligently work to ensure the best dental care experience for both you as well as your child. You should expert your […]

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Caring For Your Baby?s Teeth

Baby teeth may be small, but they’re important. Healthy teeth are a vital part of your child?s overall health. Did you know they act as placeholders for adult teeth? A child?s primary set of teeth play a part in eating and learning to speak. Without a healthy set of baby teeth, your child will have […]

Healthy Mouths For Children During The Holidays

Brushing teeth is usually not a top priority for kids. But, it is always important, especially during the holiday season, to kids to maintain health mouths with consistent teeth brushing. It?s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the holidays and get to relaxed about healthy oral habits. Many a child and adult […]